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A feel good collection for you xo

5 Jun

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Just as you trawl the web looking for funny videos of kittens, happily click anything that isn’t your day gig (unless you love your day gig, which is hella cool) or simply have a habit of being distracted while looking for a recipe to make a mean curry for your prospective date – I too find myself discovering nibblets of awesome from my station here at Flamingo Manor.

Sadly for some of you I cannot offer funny videos of kittens, because that’s not my thing. Though I have put together a wee collection of quite smashing pockets I’ve found around the these parts. These parts of course being the rather large world-wide web. Why? Because I can. And that is reason enough.

So now lovers, you’ve two options.

A) Do the thing you were supposed to before you snuck away to read this.
B) Get onto planning that totally possibly dream I natter away about all the time.
C) Procrastinate some more about each of the above, and enjoy the links.

If you picked A, and you’re still reading, I’d say you might want to stop that. If you picked B then might you click here for a bit of vintage Flamingo in the form of a rough ten step guide to get you started, and if you picked C, continue the scrolling lover.  I’ve jotted down a handful only because too many may hurt your brain – so very not the intention here.

The Feel Good Collection (thus far)…

Of course I have gobs more to share at a later date but perhaps you have something else to add to The Feel Good Collection? Throw it down there in the comments section so we can all have a peek or shoot me a note so I can pop it in the next lot.
Yours in Nonsense
Casey xo
P.S. Enjoy the rest of your week, be well and make things happen.
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