Creative limitation, lover.

11 Nov

via Piccsy

What if we were shadows?
What if we were all named Betty?
What if everything cost $201.73 per unit?
What if there were such things as page numbers?
What if you could only describe things using numbers?
What if wearing your underthings on the outside was the norm?
What if you could only concentrate on activities starting with a letter K?
What if we agree grass is green, but what I see as green, you see as blue?
What if the word ‘orange’ counted for two words, but ‘chair’ was worth one?
What if when someone said they loved you, you were obligated by law to date?
What if you had to take action now or loose absolutely everything tomorrow?
What if the only shoes we were allowed to ever wear were fluffy slippers?
What if you had to answer everything with only one snappy sentence?
What if you had to report to a dream-accountability high council?
What if it’s nothing like you wanted, but perfect anyway?
What if croquet was classed as an extreme sport?
What if night existed only on Thursday?
What if there were 17 hours a day?


What if imposing limitations gave you freedom to grow in new areas?
What if you re-read this again, but remove the ‘what if’ and accept is as current truth?

Could you survive?  How would any one of these things affect your existence? Might you enjoy life more? Less?

Anything is possible, but not everything at once.  All things can’t be your truth simultaneously; cut away some crap.  Choose to impose creative limitation and work within new boundaries to make your vision real lover.

How could you limit yourself today and thrive?

Yours in Love and Nonsense,
Casey xo

What to do when you feel like running away from your dream

6 Nov

This past week or so, I have been facing up to a very, very strong urge to pack it all in, run away to a small secluded town and snare a gig in a tranquil book store (or equivalent).  Shut off the internet, lock down Flamingo Manor and simply read and drink fine wine all day long.  Possibly alone, but that was okay with me, I delight in solitude.  And not as just a holiday, as a permanent lifestyle type thing.

Essentially it was the polar opposite of where my big crazy visions have been headed. Yeh. I know. Weird.

‘Tis much like when I was a youngling wanting to run away to the National Institute of Circus Art.  I was – okay, still am – rather uncoordinated and thus it was important that I learn the skills before joining an actual circus.  Except this time my big visions of world domination took a sharp detour to a far quieter, non-event life.

Not because I suddenly loathe writing these love notes, or the flock, or that I threw a tantrum. It happened because I momentarily forgot why or when I had decided that I would embark on a non-quiet, more bold path.  I got caught up in the mechanics of the whole shebang, the schedules and the what not that it suddenly seemed absurd to want to put strange thoughts with an intention to inspire on a screen and hit publish to shoot them out to the ether for you to read.    So I decided that maybe going underground was more sensible.

If we’re honest, I was indulging that unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something is likely to be dreadful… fear.  Of my  bat-shit crazy vision.  Thankfully, a number of things happened to bring me back to wonderland, where ‘sensible’ in the regular sense is discouraged in favour of delicious non-sense.

Firstly, my flock goggled their eyes in horror and told me from the bottom of their hearts that my escaping to a small town was simply out of the question.  I cannot stress enough that aligning with humans who love and support your visions is crucial, invaluable and fabulous.  They will bring you back to the essence of what you’re doing when you forget.  They will prompt you to remember every comment you made when you began in a flurry of excitement.  They the ones who will remind you that you’re the only person mad enough to pull it off when you start ‘talking sense’.

They will say whatever they need to say to calm your fears.  It may be inspiring, it maybe tough love.  Or it may be (as one of my darlings offered) completely inappropriate to share amongst more decent company, but it will stun/pause you just long enough to shake off the retraction and remember why you started.

I remembered that we put our thoughts out into the ether regardless of whether we type ’em up on a screen or not.  I remembered that even if I was hidden in a tiny book store in a wee little town, I would be aching to inspire people to go do the things that light them up.  It’s my thing, my passion.  And let’s be frank lovers, small towns have a limited number of people in them, so while there are bound to be nuggets of gold within every person in my chosen town… my wingspan would be dreadfully limited.

I remembered that bat-shit crazy dreams are meant to be big, and daunting and sometimes not make normal sense.  Just as desire is somewhat invisible before we shape it into something physical, so are the forces that match it.  Except since they’ve got “the facts” on their side that these desires not having been created yet (despite nothing having been created… before it was created), we tend to give them more weight than necessary   Which by the way is zero, desire is more valid than any naysay you’ll come across. What you want, you can create – impossible is nothing.

Being fearless is not about having no fear, it’s about having less fear than the desire to create whatever it is you want to create.  And rolling with it.

As the very wise Steven Pressfield frames it, we have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands that naysay force resistance that we need to be aware of, and then push through.  Just as I was cottoning on to the plays of these naysaying forces, wondering when the hell I decided to give up on a nice quiet existence, I found this pre-Flamingo Manor gem:

I recognise the crappy rushed handwriting in that Keel’s Diary as my own, but I didn’t remember ever putting this down on paper.  Sure enough though, there it is.  This, evidently, is the moment I made the announcement to give up on a simple and quiet life.  And also fear.  Written records will get you every time lovers.  If you want something, become accountable and write it down.   But be specific about your vision. When you have prompts like this eyeing you off, there is no rebuttal.

And when you share it with your supportive humans (or the internet), you really have no rebuttal.  They will use it against you in the best possible way.  At that point lovers there really is no choice but to forge ahead and make good shit happen.  For you and with a spill on effect of your awesomeness.

It matters not what stage of your journey you are in.  Whether you’re gathering resources, building foundations or are in full swing of things – assemble your flock of loving, supportive humans, write down your declarations and remember why your passion sparked you enough to start in the first place.  Because that’s where your magic is.

Yours in Love and Nonsense,
Casey xo

The Snuggie is a global sensation. Impossible isn’t a thing.

1 Nov

via Pinterest

Impossible isn’t a thing. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.  Actually I say it every day, many times a day.

When it comes to creating your bat-shit crazy visions – impossible just isn’t a thing we need accept.  It’s simply a story we’ve dreamed up, that we should, and can re-write.  If you just stop for a moment and ponder that a lot of really awesome stuff that has come to fruition hasn’t simply popped into existence one day.  Someone had the idea, but it often takes a troupe of people to take a crazy idea to the next level.  

Exhibit A: The Snuggie is a global sensation.

There are far more impossible feats that have been achieved on this planet, but I mean come on lovers, it’s a backwards dressing gown.  But it’s a thing that went viral, for better or worse, the Snuggie is a big deal. Even if you haven’t caught on, it somehow it made it’s way into the homes of the people you love and hold dear.  Thanks to the post people who delivered it, the guys who made their delivery van, the IT people who made the technology to take your money online, the warehouse that shipped it out, after the manufacturers to make it, the sales and marketing team to get creative in convincing people it was a good idea in the first place, plus the mentors that trained them.  Plus I’ve left people out.

They were all brought together by someone going ‘ahhhh I see, it’s more convenient if I wear it this way…’

And even crazier, it took more than your loved ones to propel the Snuggie forward  millions of other people to catch onto the idea and agree it was in fact nifty, before it got momentum to become a huge success.  If you indeed do own a one, this serves as comfort that there are people just like you. (And yes I mock, but I mock knowing that some freakin’ cool people in my orbit are proud Snuggie owners.)

Things get smaller, bigger, faster, sleeker, louder, glitzier, stranger, bolder and more fearless as time goes on.  This process is not one that extends just from your head into actuality.  There are a plethora of steps that need to happen before a vision is realised. And most of them you won’t even know about because right now, the human who is going to be key in making your vision real is maybe drinking coffee having the same vision and wishing for a partner in crime, or passionately studying a technical skill you might need the use, or even learning English so they can converse with you when they eventually meet you.

I doubt they’re all thinking ‘soon I will meet John Smith of 7 Pina Colada Terrace, Melbourne, Australia’ – it is my destiny to connect, and work with him on Snuggie V 2.0′. I also find it highly unlikely that the people around you now are the exact cluster you will need for the whole process. But heck, they all probably know someone who could be.

Now of course you might not be dreaming about creating a thing people can have in their homes.  Your Snuggie might be  a world tour, extreme sport experience or the instigation of an awesome global movement of some sort.  Heck maybe you just want to hang with your people in your dream home and light them up with your joy at having the time to do so.  That also, is not impossible. There are people ready and eager to join your team to make it happen.

But how can you know for sure that these people will rock up at the right time to help you make your Snuggie?  You can’t. You have to just trust it will happen and not hold off on having a perfect team in place around you before you come clean with us about what you want to make happen.

I like to think that the Universe uses a sort of voice recognition technology – no speaking of the dream, no entry into dream-come-true territory.  No one knows to help you if they don’t know what they’re working with.  If you’re saying you can’t, then you can’t.  If you can face up to impossibility and see through it… then we’re game on lovers.

So why not, right now, say it aloud?

‘My name is ____________ and I want ______________. Thank you for sending me the folks I need to make this happen.’

How does that feel?

Yours in Love and Nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. If you enjoyed this ponder, why not share it? Thanks in advance lover.

Who will you be in five minutes?

28 Oct

This gorgeous creature kindly paused to let me take her photo at yesterday’s Colour Parade in Melbourne* just after we broke from a group gyrate to a nearby busker.  If memory serves me, he was playing upbeat flute.  The Colour Parade was a hella cool display and celebration of humans, connection and creativity generally, so of course I couldn’t resist being a part of the festivities.

Some people had signs, some parasols and one rockin’ bird even had sour lolly straps adorning her platform shoes, which a young gentleman bent down and ripped off in a moment of hunger (he asked first). But it was this sign that had me pondering all afternoon because it highlights how swiftly we can create change in our lives.

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m all about expanding your wingspan to bring about bat-shit crazy visions, about bigger and better, about making significant changes to encourage more good change.  But this vibrant sign was a sweet reminder just how quickly we can decide to make said changes.  And also that an infinite number of things might come to fruition in the next five minutes that alter your course dramatically, you never having predicted as such.

In fact, you may need less than five minutes to make a killer change of course toward a good-for-you life.  So the question I now ask you is… Who do you WANT to be in five minutes time?

Do you want to be:

The person who sleeps in or goes for a refreshing run?
The person who is quick to anger or breathes out frustration?
The person who sits in a stew or squished in a mini-rave in their lunch break?
The person who left love-things unsaid or bolstered themselves for 4 minutes and 36 seconds to then actually spills that unabashed truth with fervour?

Might you be the person who hovers their finger over the mouse or the person who clicks ‘BOOK NOW’ on that long over due adventure?


Is the person you are now the person you want to be a year from now?  Are you on track?  And if not, what can you refashion in under five minutes that will set that course in motion?  We can’t control the future, time or other humans, but we do have authority over how we live our own lives.

Act, forgive, love, smile, move, decide and use those positive expressions of life to dissolve the naysayers.  Because heck, even they might not need be part of your life in five minutes time if you don’t want them there.  Only you’re able to discern what stays and what goes, what’s added and what’s shadowed.

Embracing Jubilation takes only a moment, and there are a shit ton of ’em within a five-minute span.  Take advantage of the opportunities given to you and engage things that light you up.

What can you realise, wrangle, and become in five minutes lovers?

Yours in Love and Nonsense,
Casey xo

*Though I didn’t ask if she minded my posting this on the internet – if you know her and she disapproves, please let me know.

Impossible to Ignore.

26 Oct

Hola lovers!

You might remember a wee while ago I introduced you to flock member Erin Giles.  If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a Business Philanthropy Coach openly sounding a straight up call to action with a message, that hits straight to the core and I’m honoured to be a part of this admirable project.

And we need your support. Not only in terms of spreading the word but we would love for you to buy a copy of End Sex Trafficking for $20.

End Sex Trafficking is a collection of 60 essays on love, knowledge & freedom by trailblazers like Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Jonathan Fields and yours truly — all of the authors proceeds goes to the Not For Sale Campaign an organisation fighting to abolish slavery every single day.

I wrote about Love, and the many ways in which I have considered it.

None of the essay contributors, the publisher or the editor is taking any money from sales, it’s not just a book, it is a chance to change the world.

More than 27 million human beings are enslaved in the world in 2012. So lovers — do you want to stand up for freedom… today?  

…Or today?


C’mon, let’s get this pressing message to all the hearts and lit up screens we can.

What’s more is that you can help spread the word further by clicking on these to tweet it:

Just bought a copy of End Sex Trafficking. $20 = Women Freed + One Step Closer to abolishing modern slavery #ESTDay2012

Tweet to free lives, help us end sex trafficking today on End Sex Trafficking Day #ESTDay2012.

Please lovers – help us help the world.

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo


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