Ever wondered what it takes to rock out in Ultimate Jubilation?

19 Sep

I want to inspire as many people as I can get my sticky jam hands on to be happy and triumphant.  I want to see and feel the gorgeous light energy of smiling, happy souls totally rocking their chosen paths.  I don’t even care if their chosen paths involve tin foil hats, yodeling and home-made instruments – if folks can get themselves into a position to rock that full-time, I’m totes in with full support!

Jubilation.  It’s just this thing that excites my every living cell.

Because the world needs more lit up lovers spreading their sticky jam hands over everything.

For me Ultimate Jubilation is starting to look more like world domination (authoring, inspiring the masses, squillions of adoring fans etc.), great hair and a shit load of glitter cannons.  I’m finding it’s a kinda simple process that goes like this: Say YES! to only the most beneficial and awesome things.

Is it easy though? HAHAHAHA… No.

Given that I’ve not dominated the world before, I have all of zero experience or personal reference points.  It’s absolutely a challenge but I’m increasingly determined (read: stubborn) about making it happen because the more I can focus on making it happen (getting creative help), the more toxic beliefs I can boot in the ass (trust that they pop up for everyone from time to time) and the happier I become.  And thus, the closer I get to Ultimate Jubilation and the glitter cannons.

It’s a very sexy love circle of awesome that looks something like this:

But you gotta keep in mind those precious personal reasons why you’re trotting around this halo, otherwise you end up turning into one of those dazed and crazed folks who don’t brush their hair in years, so never notice when a family of birds move in.

I’m sure that happened somewhere. You don’t want to be that guy, do you?

No? I’m so pleased that you and I are on the same page here.

Now, given that I don’t know your secret and not secret reasons for wanting to move forward toward happiness and triumph I can’t ever claim expert status on your personal hopes and dreams.  But if you stick around these parts, I can certainly remind you how awesome you are (that’s a fact I do know without meeting you face to face), egg you on and invite you to join me on the journey while the Flamingo community take steps toward our Ultimate Jubilation Visions.

I’m in for Ultimate Jubilation because when the things I do/say/share/etc. impact on other folks, and inspire them to pimp their standards – I see the big dumb grins they plaster over their faces, I trust they’re going to serve their fellow humans in a way that no one has ever experienced and it’s hella-cool.

I’m in because I spent a lot of time being a miserable cow and I know how much it blows to wake up in the morning and feel with every fibre in my body ‘this blows’. I believe that no one needs to feel that for longer than necessary, I believe when you need help it’s there – you just gotta ask & accept.  I’m in because I know that every person has a story worth telling.  It’s just a matter of whether we’ve written the fun parts yet.

I’m in because my retirement plan involves silk kaftans and a Bonsai garden.  I’ve got a life time of eccentric behaviour to play with before that happens.  I’m in because learning new stuff is good for you.  Learning new stuff expands horizons and allows you to exercise your power of choice in unimagined ways.  I’m in because this past weekend I wore Black Milk’s Purple Galaxy leggings and an elderly man thought I had tattooed my entire legs with the pattern.  I want to amass a collection of similar clothing and confuse more elderly men.  Happiness, triumph and the fulfilment of utter nonsense objectives come to people living in the height of their Jubin’ energy.  True story.

I’m also in because as I was writing this love note I agreed to a friendly challenge of becoming a millionaire before my friend – like hell I’m going to be doing that via unfulfilling channels.  What a waste it would be!

Said friend is always flitting around the world working and never have space to drop in to Australia for a catch up.  I joked that I’d need to become a millionaire to fund all the plane tix just to share cups of tea. And now it’s game on. The first to millionaire status buys flights to a to-be-chosen country, loser buys the cuppa tea and ice cream. Tips/guidance from any millionaire’s reading would be greatly appreciated.

Why the heck not grab a pen and paper and bust out your own list of why you’re in for Ultimate Jubilation?

Seriously, why not lover?

Yours in love and nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. What is top on your list?  I dare you to share in the comments. 

2 Responses to “Ever wondered what it takes to rock out in Ultimate Jubilation?”

  1. Caramel Tart September 20, 2012 at 8:57 AM #

    Now you are singing lady! Great post! At your recent suggestion, I wrote 3 wishes in secret , 6 days ago. Within hours, one of them had manifested, in exact detail, entirely out of the blue. No it wasn’t the one about losing weight!!!! I had to write a new list. You’d love my goofy, happy face at the moment.

    • Casey September 20, 2012 at 10:19 PM #

      Oh hello Caramel Tart! I’m delighted to hear about your wishes coming true, you deserve a slew of great things! Isn’t it awesome how things happen when we put them out there into the universe? xo

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