A version of a dream world.

13 Sep

Some days are diamonds, and some days are better than others, wouldn’t you agree?  Though I aim to live in a space of Jubilation regardless of what I have or don’t have punctuating each 24 hour period – and usually get there – I also aim to hold space for a vision of what’s possible.  I’m still learning that forcing the future is hard work and unlikely, instead I’ve noticed life tends to tumble out whether we’re ready or not.   But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be expanding our possibilities and striving for wonderfully bat-shit crazy ideas.  Idle daydreaming is one thing, but have you ever tried to assemble the perfect pieces of your perfect day?

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“I think it’s about 7:30am when I wake to the light streaming in the window.  Really should have pulled over the curtains, but it was already morning by the time we got home from dinner and first priority was colliding with slumber.  I fumble around for my phone to check the time, it actually reads 6:58am. Oooh I was close.

Tossing my phone back into the marshmallow of bed covers, I turn to Constantine, my handsome lover (really should stop calling him that, I mean we’re engaged and business partners now), and nudge him to wake so we can get going today. We’re staying in the guesthouse of Constantine’s brother, as we’re flying out to New York to kick off the book tour from here tomorrow.

On the up side, last nights dinner was a riot…”

The perfect day exercise, I’m quite positive, is not a shiny new strategy.  I was brought to it by my friend and mentor Charrise McCrorey, as her mentor had given her a time before.  I took to the task feeling a little uneasy, for I have always had a habit of going off on tangents – I went in wondering how the hell was I gonna pick the right perfect day. How was I to know what was the right path to manifest, the one I was most ready for but still challenged me.  My daydream list extended in an unending roll of novel paths, most of which made no sense at all… what if I got this perfect day thing wrong?

Then I realised… if it didn’t feel right, I could write a new one.

Dreams and visions aren’t contracts.  They won’t happen simply by verbalising them – they need our full commitment to back ’em up.  They need a wholehearted willingness to take the action.  A perfect day can and will happen a thousand times over when you are living in a joyful space – to verbalise a possibility is simply just that.

5 minutes later you might realise the perfect day you’ve been meandering over to is all wrong.  It might be not enough, or it might be indeed perfect.  The only way to find out is to play with it, and let the universe know what you’re thinking up.  Trust me, writing or speaking of that space you’ve been holding in day dreams will reveal more than you imagined.

I wrote about a perfect day and now, just months later, I’m screwing my face up at it and conjuring new versions.  You change.  Your dreams change with you.  Your truth changes with you.  And with it, some things will stay the same, but you don’t know until you try them on.  Mix and match y’all.

What do the pieces of your perfect day look like?  Is it the same as you thought it would be.  Did you get there and have to start again?  Might you have never even thought about it?

Do it now with us.

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. My new perfect day involves rocking a huge audience at speaking gigs and my being able to do yoga, well.  Not in the same instance though. I’ve never attempted yoga so we shall see.

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