Disco Tuesday: Step out of your shadow

10 Sep

Hola to Tuesday lovelies!

Or Disco Tuesday as I prefer over here.  Why?  Because I can and it’s good for me.  And that’s all the reason you ever need.

Today (more than any other day) we source glitter, wear sequins and bust rad dance moves at will. If you be tied up office styles, grab a pineapple juice, some of those natty wee umbrellas and a swizzle stick.  If you be doing something else entirely, the same applies.

Glam up, smile huge and bop.

Does it make sense to disco on Tuesday? No, it’s absolute nonsense.  But so are a great deal of the daily duties we agree are normal and sensible things to do.  Truth be told a lot of them are in fact good for us and necessary, but a lot of them need not be applied to everyone.

“If everyone decided that proper was to wear a cod-fish on your head, would you do it?” – Alice, from her most recent venture to Wonderland.

And so here’s a wee tune for you lovers while I toddle off for a date with the accountant.

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. How are you kicking it on Disco Tuesday?

What do you think?

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