Are you engaging your power to choose?

20 Aug

Have one sugar.
Wear blue socks.
Take a scenic route.
Go on a second date.
Leave a job.
Go for a run.
Sing along.
Stay for the education.
Move to a new city.
Have a baby.
Don’t have a baby.
Miss a deadline.
Invest your cash.
Blow it all on a pair of hot shoes.
Get a tattoo.
Practice yoga.
Take up lawn bowls.
Read a thriller.
Tell people you love them.
Move towards something new.
Accept an invitation.
Leave a soul-sucking job.
Revel in the magic.
Book a ticket.
Keep a secret.
Consider your awesomeness.
Serve the planet.
Change the game.
Hold the dressing.
Take a left.
Switch to tea.
Keep your mouth shut.
Trust your instincts.
Be innovative.
Connect with a long lost friend.
Dance in the street.
Buy a pink toothbrush.
Eat an orange.
Get laid.
Don’t try to explain it.

Write your own life story lovers.  Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made already. Too many folks wait for an allocated pit stop to make a resolution about how you want to live your life?  But waiting for the job, or the partner, or the degree, or the perfect figure, or the birthday, or the New Year limits your potential to wrap yourself in utter goodness here and now.

I want to see you engage your autonomy.  Like… um…. now.

Fun fact lovers: There is not going to be a point in your life where a curtain opens dramatically to the on a selection of doors under spotlights, as an epic choir hums solely to add to the tension and excitement of that gripping moment you finally get to choose your ideal life path… bummer right?


Because in actual fact, those moments happen every day (sans spotlights and choirs, obviously).  You make choices every day that impact your life direction.  Big ones and leeeeetle ones about the things you do each day, and how you want to go about them.  Life is a series of choices, which has led us to wherever we are now.  Sometimes we have made rad life choices; sometimes we have made really flipping dumb ones that we will shake our heads over for years to come.  You know the ones (sorry dude, I don’t know what we were thinking either).

So, you can choose to do things that are good for you, that add value to your life.  You can choose to engage things that prompt Jubilation or bring you closer to your goals.  You always have the power to choose how you view the situations you find yourself in as:

Learning curves.
Whatever else you need them to be.

What you can’t do is avoid making choices – it’s not someone else’s gig to make choices for you, it’s yours and yours alone.  Because if you paused for a moment and really considered it, you’ll realise you make them every single day without even thinking.  And if you’re anything like me you will often spend a great deal too much energy on those that probably won’t make a great impact in the greater scheme of things and end up choice-exhausted.

Solution? Make it easier on yourself and go with what feels like an enriching life choice.  Go with what makes sense to you.  So what if the conditions aren’t right or the time hasn’t come?  This is not like when we’re holding out for the rainbow roll to come around on the sushi train. Become conscious of the way you’ve been making decisions to date, and get in the habit of harnessing your own power to make shit happen!  Why? Because you can.  And because engaging autonomy for good and not evil is sexy.

And why is engaging autonomy for good and not evil sexy?

Because people who are making good life choices and getting their lives together to pull off amazing feats have pizzazz.  You want this because aside from a lush use of the letter ‘z’, pizzazz reveals an attractive combination of vitality and glamour.

It’s a good space to exist in and it’s actually not overly difficult.  When you consciously make better life choices in every facet of your life, you will delight in how you incidentally redirect your life toward awesome.  Because awesome attracts awesome, universal fact.  You were put on this planet to enjoy and create, so go on and get excited about the life you’re creating!

Or you know, carry on your day-to-days without any consideration for the impact your choices are making, come to a point you realise you missed a plethora of fun… and consequently incite a level of enthusiasm on par with a serious cake lover who’s been instructed by their doctor to ditch the sweets, switch to lite soymilk and up their intake of greens.

The power of choice is yours lovers.  Whatcha gon’ do with it?

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

 P.S. I might be a trifle biased, but I reckon choosing sharing this love note would be a particularly good choice.

3 Responses to “Are you engaging your power to choose?”

  1. Max August 20, 2012 at 2:38 AM #

    Well, if you say sharing this love note would be a good choice, by god I’ll share it! Enjoy, stumbleuponers!

    • Casey August 20, 2012 at 11:14 PM #

      Hello Max! Thank you very muchly :)


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    […] new stuff is good for you.  Learning new stuff expands horizons and allows you to exercise your power of choice in unimagined ways.  I’m in because this past weekend I wore Black Milk’s Purple […]

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