You are a matter of great importance.

11 Aug

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Hola Lovers!

Do you realise that right now there are countless people in your orbit that value you so much they’d drop everything they were doing if you needed help, heck they might even give you a kidney?   Actually, you might not realise they rate you so highly, but it’s true. They believe that you are hot stuff in every which way, a force to be reckoned with.

But I’m wondering if you do too?  Because although we trust inherently that you are a matter of great importance, that truth means absolutely zilch if you don’t also have faith in it.

Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

No joke.  We could rally 17,400 people from all corners of the globe to sign a petition in support of your being a matter of great importance without too much bother…  But if you don’t trust it, feel it, live it, express it in everything you do then our efforts are pretty much wasted.

You can be encouraged, supported, guided, praised and loved by other people until the cows come home… but being a matter of great importance starts with you.  Unless you’re willing to take note of the good-stuff, believe it wholly and treat yourself lovingly by making your wellness a priority, then you’re going to miss out on busting out your full potential.

Of course, there’s much to be said for behaving with an air of decorum and staying in a space of humble gratitude, but there’s no colour in adopting a chronic case of downplaying your value.  Consistently employing an unassuming estimation of one’s abilities, being limited or small is not an inspiring way to live.  In fact, that may very well make you ill.  Your cells need to be elated and they need to be jiving.

Life happens, that’s cool.  Work happens, family happens, friends happen, zips break, milk is spilled, deadlines are missed, bills arrive and we’re all under pressure to eat organic, recycle and offset global warming etcetera, etcetera.  This stuff isn’t going away anytime soon – there is always going to be a list of things you can use as excuses.  Similarly, you can treat these things as opportunities to make better life choices, to make choices that actually make sense to youUntil you consciously take action to make yourself a priority, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy your time on this planet to the fullest.  It matters that you know your own value.

It matters that you experience joy, frequently.
It matters that you learn from missteps and pain.
It matters that you get back up again, every single time.
It matters that you’re being challenged & growing as a result.
It matters that you feel love & respect in your life, from every which way.

When you’re not in your Jubilant groove, not believing that you’re awesome or that the things you do matter – you are akin to a kinky garden hose.  And not sexy kinky either.  Not engaging your own personal power makes you kinky in the way that a hose looped and rolled up in all the wrong ways has dodgy flow, weak pressure and no chance of making the splash it’s designed to.

And it’s not something that will just fix itself; we all have to put in the effort to untwist the kinks in our lives.  We have to be firm about making good life choices, and treating ourselves as we would the most important people in our lives.  Make a habit of assessing how certain things (people, activities, spaces) affect your energy flow.  Do they contribute to your wellness or are they dehydrating you.  Ghandi said that actions reveal priorities and I tell you lovers, Ghandi’s bang on point.

It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to make sure you eat well, get rest and step up your game.  Seek out guidance and respectfully command better treatment from the outside world.  You know what’s required in order to uphold your personal accountability for the way you treat yourself.  So do it.  Leave yourself love notes, enlist a buddy or Q&A yourself out loud on sketchy options if you need to.  Sure bystanders might throw you a hoard of unusual glances, but let’s be honest, when you go public you’re less likely to engage choices that prompt the response ‘um, as it happens… this isn’t a good life choice, in fact it’s a pretty crap life choice’.

Listen to your answers, don’t just hear the noise as you speak.  Act accordingly.  Move toward the things that makes you greater.  Pimp your standards, treat yourself special and have faith that you are your most important asset.  It’s your unkinky behaviour that’s going to propel you toward utter delight, not your contorting in strange ways to please all of the other people.

Truuuust me lovers, however challenging it feels, the best thing you can do is take the time to engage self-lovin’.  Because self-lovin’ shines and sets positive examples for your fellow humans. Yep, your radness already serves the world in ways you can’t comprehend, but it does so even more potently when you’re aware how important you are, and you are taking every care to treat yourself like a matter of great importance and harnessing your own positive power.

Ponder for a moment, what could you achieve if you were constantly in a space of positive influence?

Yours in nonsense,

Casey xo

P.S.  No matter who you are, or how you’re living there is always a way to pimp your standards of self-care. Start today.
P.P.S. I mean today as in now.

2 Responses to “You are a matter of great importance.”

  1. Erin August 11, 2012 at 10:25 AM #

    Thank you, I really needed to read this today xo

    • Casey August 12, 2012 at 12:51 AM #

      You are most welcome Lady Erin ox

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