You can create this happiness.

24 Jun

via Piccsy

See this marvel?

You can create this.  I guarantee you have created this.  It just looks different to everyone.

Sometimes it’s a cake.
Sometimes it’s a great idea.
Sometimes it’s a very sneaky pash.
Sometimes it’s a mad ripple of laughter.
Sometimes it’s an abundant freedom of expression.

Or new knowledge, new directions.
A better or easier way around a challenge.
A new perspective. A  stylin’ outfit. A delish fruit salad. An adventure.

A sense of calm, or excitement. Love and play.

For you specifically though? Well actually, I don’t bloody know – only you can.  Whatever happiness looks like to you in that moment, revel in the jubilation that you hold the power to create it with your own hands.  It’s not something that just happens lovers.  A marvelous life is something that comes from making a point of focusing on things you want, stepping up your game (even when it terrifies you), opting to spend your time with good folks and trusting that even if things aren’t ideal – it will pass and you’ll be wiser and stronger on the other end.

There’s no one standard life-kit you can assemble and cruise around in. Cause and affect lovers, it’s the reason everything around you is the way it is.  Because you choose to continue on that path.  Changes can always be made, perhaps not always easily but who remembers easy lessons?  Where’s the fun in easy?  It’s on us to actively grab the glitter and pipe cleaners (a.k.a. action steps and perception reframing tools) to create a life that we can happily be in every day.

Add something you might love.  Take away something that you don’t really dig.  Sprinkle some non-sense here and there to mix things up. Choose it, ask for it and reflect upon it always. Move through the process however you have to.

I speak from experience lovers.  Jubilation is an active and ongoing shift toward all the things that make you light up with a ‘yessssss’.  And it takes as much time as you think, want or need it to.

What does holding that marvel in your hands look like to you?  How are you creating your life today?

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

 P.S. Like it? Got inspiration to get Jubing running through you? Please do share it!

2 Responses to “You can create this happiness.”

  1. poppet August 4, 2012 at 8:16 AM #

    You have no idea how much I thought you were about to explain how to make little galaxies and then it was cake lol, I like Cake and all but I wanna make the galaxies :)

    • Casey August 5, 2012 at 12:20 PM #

      Hello poppet! Might you make a galaxy cake then? Because that sounds delicious xo

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