Are you ready to jump into a new space?

18 Jun

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Hands up who’s ever played the theatre game space jump?

Okay, cool.  A few of you have.  For those of the flock not familiar with space jump it goes a little something like this…

  1. Player #1 given a scenario to act out for the audience.  They do so until such point as someone hollers ‘SPACE JUMP!’  The rad person acting must freeze in whichever position they are in, be it mid sentence or a leg in the air.
  2. Player #2 jumps into the space with aforementioned Player #1.  This second babe sizes up the scene and uses swift dramatic prowess to change the direction of the scene based on what’s in front of them.  Our original player must go along with the new creative direction until someone once again hollers ‘SPACE JUMP!’
  3. Repeat step two until all players have had a crack at thinking on their feet and working with the scene in front of them.

This is bloody good fun, provided the players play fair and roll with the creative punches.  It’s fast paced, hilarious and more often than not – makes little sense at first.  Of course, that’s when it’s a great success.  In contrast, space jump is a miserable game if players opt not to play along.  One would assume that being fairly simple on the rules, it would be difficult to bungle a round of space jump, but lovers I have seen it happen time and time again.

Players stay frozen at the moment they’re meant to defrost into the new scene.  Players freak when they can’t quite comprehend what’s going on in front of them now.  Just before they were having a grand ol’ time exaggerating a ‘get ready for bed’ routine when suddenly they’re in an armed hold up with a one-legged bandit.  It’s just too much; they weren’t mentally prepared for such a revision.  No joke.

Or worse, players will rebuff the bandit and try to take control of a scene they have no way of controlling.  ‘But you’re not even holding a gun, you’re holding a banana!’ they will exclaim to the poor fellow balancing as best he can on his right leg with his hands fashioned into the best finger pistol he could manage.  He’s thinking ‘dude are you serious, we have 47 seconds left to make this scene work before goodness knows what and you’re disputing the quality of my finger pistol? JUST ROLL WITH IT!’

Needless to say, people who are successful in space jump are people who are willing to accept change at the drop of a hat.  They are people who are confident they can be ace players in any environment.  They are adaptable, fluid and creative.  Space jump pros see the scene in front of them and act in the now.

Space jump is not the game to take the time to mull over a long list of ‘what if?’

And my point is?  Well lovers, it occurred to me that life is akin to a colossal game of space jump.  The rounds are longer than 47 seconds of course, and there are significant increases in the team sizes.  But fact is none of us know when someone is going to call space jump on us and have the whole scene change.  Or even when we’re going to need to call space jump on our own lives and flip everything upside down.  Then what?

When we have new choices, new scenes, new players and the power to rewrite as we see fit – what happens?  We have to work with what is in front of us now because that’s it for the moment.  In real-time, the previous scene will have dissolved the moment the new one starts – but it’s not always the case in our minds.

Say space jump gets called on your life tomorrow around 3:27PM; say big news of some sort comes through, how do you think that will play out?   Are you cool with change and quick on your feet?  Can you see what is in front of you with a creative mindset, always with a glimmer of possibility in your eyes?  Or are you one of those people who stay frozen, freak or try to rebuff the circumstances?

I’m not suggesting that you should never do your homework, and blindly dive into the deep end.  Unless you’re already one of those acutely intuitive people who just knows things, it’s always clever to get at least a rough idea of what you’re facing.

What I am saying is that when it comes to a space jump approach to life, everyone is going to enjoy themselves more if they trust their skills, and their instincts.  And these are things that come with taking time, whenever you can, to learn new skills, develop self-awareness and embrace your creative streak.  Everybody has one.

Because I’m telling you now lovers, regardless of what others will tell you, that dude’s finger pistols are not bananas, and it’s a load more fun to engage the scene you’re presented with.  It’s more fun to engage the sweet deal, new idea or the new social scene.  It’s more fun to say yes to a travel opportunity or a date.  What about the fun you would have jumping into a fitness challenge, or a new business idea… given you could trust your swift dramatic prowess of course.

If you’re willing to jump into that space without fear then the world is full of bat-shit crazy ideas just waiting to be brought to life.  If not, then it’s a bit less fun.  On the plus side we’re all given opportunities in every moment, in every decision we make for ourselves, to take a deep breath and take on whatever is in front of us.  While there is every chance life will flip on us, we don’t have to wait for some other bloke to call space jump from backstage.  We can actually do it ourselves.

In fact if you trust that it’s time to shake things up, you could literally holler ‘SPACE JUMP!’ if you wanted to signal your scene change.  Or just think it if you were concerned about interrupting quiet office spaces and libraries.  And if you’re thinking that now’s not the right time, because you’ve got this and that on, and it’s just too hard… remember lovers – life is fluid and events overlap, you’re always going to be in the middle of something.

The new thing might never make sense, but it makes less sense to give your energy to a dull setting.  So why not make the choice to act on something fun that fills your soul with joy.  Or I promise you, Old Mate Cosmos is going to space jump you something shocking to get you on the right path.

So what do you reckon lovers? Are you ready to let go of the scene you’re in now and play with a new one?

I reckon you do.  I reckon you can pull off a tremendous game-changing space jump.

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

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