Firstly, I’d like to thank… wait how much time do we have?

13 Jun

The other night I was privileged to attend the short film awards evening for the Melbourne leg of the Indian Film Festival, Bollywood gala styles.  It was simply magical!  There was dancing, singing, delish food, amazing people, gorgeous people everywhere, film screenings, oddly shaped trophies and of course… thank-you speeches.

Each speech was eloquent, unique, genuine and so warm with gratitude that I was so happy to be amongst such smashing humans.  They rolled through their appreciation like pros, from family to partners in crime; everyone got a mention.  And it got me thinking lovers – why do we so often wait for significant events to splay gratitude?  You know, birthday shindigs and whatnot get a look in for speeches because everyone is gathered at once and there are glasses to tinker.  And though we all run around doing glorious things on a daily basis, the whole awards gala will likely only happen for a small few of us.

Bit of a bummer really, isn’t it lovers?   Because let’s be honest, as much as we are responsible for shaping our own Jubilation, not one of us would be able to pull it off without each of our respective (and very dapper) supporting cast and crew.  And I think it’s about time they got a mention for making our lives just that bit more lovely/smooth/fun/rich/soulful/warmer/etc.  From the person sitting across from you, willing to pass the salt to make your meal tastier, to the ones who drop whatever their doing in a snap to come to your aid in dire circumstance – rather large thanks are in order.

So now, let’s just acknowledge that you all, every single day, win the award for ‘Being Particularly Sensational All The Time’.  Because let’s be frank here lovers, it’s true.

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Who would you like to thank for getting you to where you are?  I know my gratitude roll goes something like this:

I’d like to thank mum, grandma and the rest of the family for sharing their DNA, and making sure I am safe and fed.  Particularly mum for letting me wear those electric blue stockings to the shops without shoes that time, I wouldn’t be the individual I am today without being allowed to make daft choices like that.  I’d like to thank all the flock for encouragement and for engaging nonsense with me whenever they’ve got a spare moment.  Old mate Cosmos for challenging me, guiding me and facilitating things like itchy rashes when I resist.  Where would I be without you?

Every single barista who’s ever made me delicious coffee, and even the ones who didn’t.  I would be less alert if I didn’t have you.  Thanks to Ez for nagging me about eating vegetables, and Ash for doing the same with water.  The tram drivers currently carting me around this fine city (VIP’s have drivers, doncha know?) and the city itself, what a magical place.  Glitter manufacturers everywhereLady Candy for letting me crash.  Christopher for the tunes.  Caramel Tart for having fabulous hair, and a bucket load of wisdom.  Musicians everywhere, and cute bar tenders.  The postal service workers who deliver packages, and delight.  The internet at large, for all that information, right there at my fingertips.  Sassy folks rocking about everywhere, just having a crack at things for fun.

And you, the person reading this sentence right here, you are really wonderful.  Thank-you.  Oh, man I’ve forgotten so many… who else is there? Um…

Yeah… okay I’ll stop here, but good gracious I could go on and on.  And on.  So many people make our lives happen, that they all just sort of create a sweet fusion of support.  Until we pause to break it down, it all ends up passing us by.  Not to say that we aren’t all abundantly grateful, but that it slips our mind to acknowledge the key folks.

So why not write-up your thank-you speech?  Then publish it.  Why not let everyone know who you’re gushing thanks on now?  Draw it into the light.  Even if you’re like me and are in the vast majority of us who don’t have regular podium access, find a way to broadcast your speech.

Be creative.  Use what you have.

  • Email – bulk contacts, hit send. Done.
  • Post – start a gratitude chain letter perhaps?
  • Sticky notes – do it Operation Beautiful styles.
  • Facebook – write it, and then tag the relevant people.
  • Text messages and good old fashion phone calls rock too.
  • Twitter – roll out a few over the course of a day, or a week.
  • Or just tell people straight up, ‘Thanks dude, you’re making my life easier.’

Plus it’s a two-way-feel-good-highway lovers.  In shouting out love to each person who contributes to your happiness, you realise how many people you actually have on your side.  Even if you don’t know them, you simply learn how many people exist in the world to make life better for others by just doing their thing.  There’s a bloody lot of ‘em, trust me.

Be as creative, elaborate or as elegantly simple as you like lovers, just give it a bash and see how your thanks fall out.  Who are you going to start with?

Yours in nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. I forgot a mention for people who tell you when you’ve got things stuck in your teeth, they’re absolute gems.

2 Responses to “Firstly, I’d like to thank… wait how much time do we have?”

  1. hipdecision June 13, 2012 at 4:55 PM #


    I’m gonna use that. And I’ll be sure to thank you for it when I make my speech.

    Love the post. ~Chris

    • Casey June 13, 2012 at 9:55 PM #

      Sir Chris, I’m just excited that you’re going to make a speech! This is most fabulous news indeed, so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you xo

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