Why it’s high time for you to move forward.

11 Jun

When I was a young flamingo kicking it in the back seat of the car en route to the shops and whatnot, I would always be vocal about parking.  Whenever we pulled into a free spot, and there was free space to move into ahead, I would encouragingly exclaim to whoever was driving, ‘GO FRONT, GO FRONT!’ simultaneously (and gleefully) motioning for them to better our car parking position.

The family got used to it after a while.  Because without fail, every single time I saw space to move forward, I figured we might as well take it because who knew when we’d be to do that again.

Why do I reel off this nonsense all the long live day? Partly because it’s the internet and they let you do things like that, but largely because I hold faith that each and every one of you reading this has the capacity to pave your own path of Jubilation.  Because humans are astonishing creatures when they put their mind to it.  No matter where you are at this point in time – you can always learn new things and tip toe out further. Always. Every time.

Jubilation. Happiness and triumph.  Creativity and success.  Rest and percolation.  Impact and inspiration.  A good, great, unreal life – reframe what you know as ‘good sense’ and find whatever fits you.

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The reason.

Life happens, things get hectic, we all encounter shit results as we do exceptional ones.  We need rest as much as action, a good vent and a good hiding space for when things get so exciting we’re blubbering with gratitude to the point of embarrassing.  It doesn’t matter that it happens; what sets you me and that bloke over there apart from everyone else is how we take that and use it to make more Jubilation.  Happiness is for you.  Rockin’ your thing is for you.  If you want it…

And I trust you do.  Because if you’re about to tell me you don’t want to do everything in your power to be really flippin’ happy, then I’m about to not believe you.  Tenfold.

We are the ones responsible for each our own happiness and brilliance, and only our own.  None of us can be responsible for someone else’s internal dialogue.  Of course we all want to help others, which is absolutely gorgeous, but giving up ourselves is counterproductive.  Becoming acutely aware of what we need to thrive and then emboldening others as they do the same is a killer path to happiness and success.  There is a reason that when you’re on a plane and they’re doing the safety demonstration, they tell you to affix your own oxygen mask before anyone else’s.  Even children.

The logic here lovers: People struggling to breathe, will certainly struggle to be of much help to the rest of the mob in the case of an unlikely emergency.  Morbid, but true.

And hey, it’s comforting to know that there are a plethora of folks who’ve already affixed theirs and are totally in a position to help you.  But that doesn’t stop you from being proactive lovers. Draw your focus to what you can do, not what you can’t; be grateful for even the smallest occurrences of awesomeness.  It’s no accident lovers.  We don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes, both for what we have achieved and what we are capable of achieving.  Whether you’re quiet, thinky, loud, ridiculously successful, eccentric, good-looking, good with a hammer or can never find your keys.  There is space to up your game in everything you do.

And that means your game, to align with a sexier version of you.  Not radically trade-up for a completely different model tomorrow.  There’s nonsense, and then there’s nonsense.

No one is going to force anyone out of the plane without a parachute though…

Life isn’t ideal right now? We’ve all got struggles lover, it’s never gon’ be easy, but what if you could be aware and grateful of the divine lesson you’re facing?  How can you secure support from wherever and whomever you can; make changes to the space that holds your body, mind and soul.  Work hard, eat well, dance, rest, trust and love.  Old mate Cosmos will provide the complimentary water wings to buoy you along, but you’ve got to make the moves lover.

How can we help?  Make it vocal.

Got a really secret dream harboured deep, deep inside? Same thing. If you want it, you’ve gotta ask for it and work for it.  You’ve gotta trust you can do it and stamp your distinct mark all over your dream so everyone knows it’s yours. Lick it’s face if you have to.  Unusual strategy I realise, but I’ve seen it done to pies with great success.

Alternatively, make a plan for it and tell as many people as you can to rally support, and move forward in bolstering your dream.

You’re in a pretty sweet spot?  Cruisin’ yo?  Unreal! You deserve it lover, no question.  Relaxed, comfortable and loved up. With that leeway, you’ve got the perfect space to take a chance and enjoy the process more than ever before. You’ve crafted the perfect space to get creative and take a step further toward a new (or bigger) dream.

What is it?  And how can we help you?

Feeling so Jubilant it’s like you’re flying high with glitter cannons going off every hour? Heck yes!  Love that you’re living the good life and use that energy to serve.  Maybe don’t release a range of hoodies with your face on the front and ‘Attention: I know all of the things.’ on the back – but be sure to spread the wisdoms around.  Or more importantly, pay forward the wisdoms the Jubing babe that inspired you in the first.

Because you’ve got just the right brand of serious, whimsy, analytics, poetry, logic, musicality or ‘other’ to fit more people than you know.

I will concede that there might not always be an entire car space for you to move forward into, but I promise that there is enough for you to make some kind of move.  Why?  Because someone before you moved forward to make space, inspired you and made it possible for you to rock out in Jubilation.  And I promise that you’ve done the same thing for someone else, perhaps without realising it.  But why not do it with intention?

I see space up ahead of you lovers.  Put some effort in, make your move, you’ve got it covered.  What say thee? Are you in?

Yours in nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S.  Where can you see space to move forward?  And how can we help?  Fo’ serious lovers, we’ve got a damn awesome flock here, I trust that we know someone who can lend a hand.  Or offer one?  Just gotta ask!

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