Actually, you probably can bend that way

28 May

“I’ve done this kind of thing before, and I just don’t see how it can work.” 

This is one of the most dismaying phrases ever to appear before my eye balls.

Seriously?” Was my eventual, bewildered response.  After I’d let the situation marinate a wee while.

Because we weren’t discussing the intricacies of solving a Rubik’s cube, we were negotiating a love affair type situation.  Or maybe it was lust, or like… there were definitely absurd nicknames involved.  In any case I was left in a sort of baffled frustration as I watched the prospect of a happily-ever-after-ish-or-thereabouts vision sort of just dissolve in front of me.  You know that feeling?

Apparently he didn’t bend that way. Bummer.

Not necessarily because the romance of long imaginary beach walks and shared gelato were off the table – they’re not, romance abounds in these parts, so we’re good on that point – but because it felt like possibility everywhere had just been brutally shot in the foot…

It hadn’t though. You can’t actually kill possibility, it’s abundant; I’m flagrantly using dramatic license here.  You see lovers I’m an impossible idealist, big picture type of gal. Just like a gazillion other people running on mad faith and imagination (perhaps a little sketchy on the actual figure).

Actual possibility, and actual unimaginable things are happening all over the place because people refuse to accept they can’t make things happen.  They’re throwing logic, fear and proven methods into a big pot, brewing it with gobs of honey and sipping it while they ponder the various nonsenses that lay before them.  They’re making it work.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

There’s no future in the past lovers.  We can’t take what hasn’t worked, and apply it to what we have in front of us.  In fact if we want to be perfectly honest, the past is fairly irrelevant, because how we exist here is unlike any moment before, and none of us can predict the future.  We can make assumptions about each, and have a right crack at forecasting a probable outcome, but that’s about it.  All of us are flying blind really, throwing our hearts and ingenuity at the situations before us, and seeing what sticks.

Lovers I assure you that every single day, every single situation, the wild crazy stylings of your Creative Genius is within grasp.  You can actually bend that way if you want to.  It is possible.

Don’t believe me?  May I remind you that we hauled ass to the moon?

That bread loaves are sliced.
People are genuinely happy.  Right now.
People are surviving heartbreak. Right now.
They can transplant hearts, limbs and lungs.
Fireworks displays get bigger and more spectacular.
People crowd source funding to make their dreams come true.
Noah built an ark. I once built a footstool.  (Okay I assembled a footstool)
People are painting masterpieces and developing killer gadget prototypes to make your life easier.
The internet allows me to pretend I’m from the future when talking to people in other time zones, in real-time.
Graffiti artists make their mark the very top of billboards, leaving us wonder ‘how the heck did they get up there?’
Someone thought airplanes would be a cool thing to make.  And now we’re nipping across the globe like it’s nothing.
Someone who wrote a novel, perhaps even in another century, never really considering that you specifically would exist, can offer wisdom that changes the course of your life.

A fine specimen like Evan Dowman (who you don’t know, but would adore) exists, is single and he wanted to say hello to you.  And he’s not the only one.  You would be shocked how many people are toying with the possibility of saying hello to you lover.

And people actually do solve Rubik’s cubes.  Without the assistance of Google. True story.

Because folks everywhere are opting to explore into the bat shit crazy ideas on the off-chance that they might just work.  And if they don’t?  If they really don’t despite throwing everything you have at them? It’s okay.  Because there is always space to let the dust settle, with the knowledge that there’s an infinite list of schemes to back them up.  Seriously.

You bend that way, and you don’t break.  You bend toward what is possible and whether it turns out or not – the world around you remains standing.  Only you’re different, because you know that you can bend that little bit further now.

But aforementioned dude wasn’t ready to bend my way.  Now this isn’t to say that he isn’t bendy at all, he is.  It’s just we’re all bending in different directions, and he was heading right when I was rocking the bat shit crazy notion we could both swing a hard left.  Heck, even I wasn’t sure I could bend that far before I swallowed the trepidation and threw it out there on the fly. Only that particular possibility got shot in the foot.  Sometimes that’s how it happens.

Sometimes it means something else becomes possible.

And just because it wasn’t someone else’s possibility, doesn’t it’s not yours.  There are all kinds of possibilities waiting to be born by you especially.  Or maybe there’s someone else out there running on the fumes of imagination too?  There’s only one way to find out if you can bend that way lovers…

We’re here for a good time, not a long time lovers.  Whatever it is lingering in your orbit now, make it possible.  Make it count.

Yours in Nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S. Did this resonate with you lovers?  Might you share it then?

2 Responses to “Actually, you probably can bend that way”

  1. hipdecision June 5, 2012 at 2:47 AM #

    The things I enjoyed about this post? Too many to count. And throwing in a Rubik’s Cube reference just bent me the right way.

    ~ Chris

    • Casey June 5, 2012 at 5:07 AM #

      You know Sir Chris, I used to keep a Rubik’s on the coffee table at Flamingo Manor to keep visitors amused if I had to duck to the kitchen or something. Proved a winner, every time. Glad this post bent you the right way, would have been uncomfortable otherwise!

      Sir/Casey xo

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