You’re imagining it. Thank-you.

22 May

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Thank you a bundle for reading, hanging out and sending back love for the nonsense we engage here.  You’re all perfect and full of really good things.  It gives me great pleasure to know that each of you is out there in the world, pimping your standards and doing awe-inspiring things on the regular.
I know some of the flock are launching businesses, finding their lost keys behind the couch, sweating final exams and some are even rocking crowds at international conferences.  And then there’s the babes making their mark by rocking life daily.  You’re showing up and feeling out this being human gig with faith the big magic is just around the corner.

I love your everything.  I love your elbows, your triumphs, your missteps, your stories, your big dumb grins, your fabulous and your whispering truths.  I love that you’ve all the capacity to do really awesome, really strange and unimaginable things.  Except you are imagining them.  And in doing so, you’re making your trillions of cells jitterbug.

And you’re making it possible.
And you’re making it real.
And you deserve it.
And you got this.


Yours in nonsense,
Casey xo

P.S.  Go make some magic happen.

3 Responses to “You’re imagining it. Thank-you.”

  1. hipdecision May 22, 2012 at 3:09 AM #

    Thrilled to have found this post. Perfect way to call it a night, even though it has been night for quite some time now.

    ~ Chris

    • Casey May 22, 2012 at 10:50 AM #

      I am thrilled you found it as well good sir. Welcome to the flock!


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