Why we are all in the thick of a Christmas tree light tangle.

10 Apr

So I had this thought today smack bang in the middle of brushing my teeth, that we’re all connected like Christmas tree lights. Yes I am aware it is the Easter season, in fact I dressed as a bunny and danced for hours… twice.  So yes, I realise that it’s a whole other holiday season.  But really we are tangled beyond untangle in so many ways.  It’s a purpose thing you see.

As I foamed up, I considered that we all have a soul purpose. A biggun that we elected to carry out prior to hopping on down to Earth town, and then spend a good deal of time growing through the right circumstances to reach that point of sweet epiphany.  A thing we are looking to one day, probably while doing the dishes, go ‘oh wait up ya’ll, it just hit me this moment – I am meant to serve the folks by <insert cell tingling thing here>’.

But there are other purposes too.  Ones we may never be aware of, that we can never prepare for.  Ever, even in our wildest dreams.

They are the mini-purposes we serve every single day of our lives.  They are things that in the course of a day will be considered relatively ho-hum, sometimes even things that are born of frustration or selfish tendency.  These are often the baffling fixative of the magic that keeps those Christmas lights from untangling, and leaving us wonder if we might as well just plug ‘em in yeah?  Save the colourful profanity that aligns with the process?

“Say what Flamingo? We no speak-a-the-language-you-speaka. In fact, we’re kind of, sort of… all sorts of baffled over here. What are you talking about?”

Yeah… just quietly, I sometimes don’t make all that much normal sense, nonsense or any semblance of sense whatsoever.  Regardless of this, might you indulge a rambling bird for a moment?

And consider for a moment that your:

Honking impatiently at the dork in front of you that didn’t see the green traffic light change happened just in time for them to catch it and drive off to the meeting that would change their life.

Smiling at that stranger today because you thought they were gorgeous eased their tension because they really just needed a smile.

Being the utility person in the team who always has a pen/vial of glitter/glow stick/glue stick in their bag was the difference between that project being haphazard and utterly tremendous.
You just like to have glow sticks on hand.

Consistently being a total ass to someone wanting your attention taught them a plethora of rich life lessons it may have taken years to absorb otherwise.  Stimulating rapid personal growth, propelling them to excellence.

Rocking your regular fitness routine out in the open inspired about 27 passers-by to up their health game. Prompting a peculiar spike in active wear sales and a drop in medical consultations.

Excitedly passing on knowledge you’ve acquired about something you love, just because you’re excited, provoked a sweet epiphany of epic proportions.  They spent years in hard thought and you just cracked open the lid on clarity in a sentence. Relief baby.  (Or heck, it might just throw them off course and change everything about everything they thought they knew.  Discombobulating them tenfold as they exclaim, “expertise what? Aw man, now my entire philosophy is tangled.”)

Being brave enough to just be happy and hone your thing no matter how insane it felt, sparked action in people you never knew existed.
Boldness radiates over unknown expanses lovers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re up to, whether you’ve found your big thing or still feeling it out, the way you live your life serves the greater good.  Most of us will never know the purpose we serve in other people’s lives, and nor should we.  If we were aware, we’d forever be on the lookout for the specific impact we’re making.

And that would be exhausting.  Really exhausting, we have the potential to impact everyone. That is a lot of people.

What matters is that whatever we do holds a pure intention for ourselves.  Because sure as heck if we are going to put in the hours to trace that tangle of lights, we’re going to find that every single knot is connected to us.  Whatever intention we exhibit to the rest of the web is not going to just aimlessly find its way back in a bit, after a quick swim and a hot dog.  It is already connected to us in ways we cannot fathom, just as every other person’s intention shines as a beacon for us in ways they cannot fathom.  So we may as well just plug-in and illuminate our space in the tangle.

If we all set the intention to send out the good stuff, let rip with our excitement and own the things we rock – that energy is going to shoot straight back through that crazy flashing tangle to where we are now.  Growth is not an up and down thing, it’s a padding your way around the web as seemingly insignificant actions and knowledges elucidate your purpose.

What do you say lovers?  Just today, how many times can you identify the mini-purposes others have served for you?  Or that you have served for others?  Yep, even the less than savory actions served a killer purpose.  Pretty fabulous huh?

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Another you might consider is that your donation to this world-changing project was the one that tipped the scale to making it happen.

What do you think?

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