Your time has come lovers.

30 Mar

It is customary here at Flamingo Manor for me to potter around and read various takes on my daily horoscope, Aquarius, to satiate my curiosity of what the planets and stars have in store.   Truth be told, as with my recent palm reading, any horoscope can be observed as a universal wisdoms that each of us can heed by taking what resonates.

Pottering around today, I was reminded of one so piquant it left me wafting in and out of such a dazed ponder, that I thought I might pose it to the flock (note though, I am paraphrasing rather a lot).

Often, an artist will create a work that is born from a marvelous place of inspiration.  Once the work is complete, the artist will look upon it and admire it, perhaps even considering it among their best work.  Of course then the work may be shown in a gallery, leaving the artist certain it will be snatched up quickly.

But it lingers for an inordinate amount of time, as no one shows interest.  The artist grows uncertain, of the work and their own talent.  They begin to lose the trust they held so proudly and decide it best to move on to other endeavours.  Then one day, just the right buyer comes along.  This individual must have the work immediately and offers top dollar.

Similarly, you had an idea in the past that didn’t seem to thrill anyone but you.  But its time has come.

Lovers, perhaps you might read that again now and imagine it is written especially for you in this moment, and not the Aquarian community at large some time ago.  Perhaps it may ignite a glimmer in you, shining a little on something that has laid dormant.

Is it time to relocate to another city? Country?
Is there an old romantic flame you want to fan?
Have you a wicked business plan tucked away?
Do you want a fringe?  Or to frolic as a blonde?
How does that novel end? Could you start it now?
Perhaps that penny farthing will fit in the garage?
Who might you have been wanting to reconnect with?
Might you have seen an advertisement for your dream job?
Did you used to spend hours pouring over ambitious university courses?
Can you create an opportunity to translate your skills into a new medium?
Are you hankering to overhaul your entire routine, to make time for yourself?

Have I missed your secret idea entirely, because it’s buried so deep that no one would know you really just want to open a specialised harmonica boutique; closed only on Thursdays because that’s when you have back to back body pump/body step classes before that delicious weekly viewing of Judge Judy you allow yourself?  My apologies.  It was nothing personal, I assure you.

But seriously – as you read the tale of the artist, were you prompted? Very likely you have borne a cluster of brilliant visions of our perfect life, each better than the last.  But what we’re all curious about lovers is which of these ideas time has come?  If none, then when will that be?

What has changed since you left it alone?  Everything.  And nothing at the same time.  You, me and pretty much everyone who knows you knows that you are more equipped, confident and ready to take on this idea than ever before.  Even if you have kept it a top-secret.  But it remains just a grand figment of your imagination until you acknowledge that your perfect buyer is ready to snap up your work.  Because there is always space in the world for your thing, space for what you have now and what you might have if you breathe forward to whatever the heck it is you wanna create.


Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Gorgeous friend of the Manor, Erin Giles, has borne an idea that serves the entire world.  She’s collated a book of 60 writers, contributing essays about freedom, love and knowledge; my contribution was about love.  These books need to be printed and bound by September to be available for sale.  Every cent of profit is going to the Not For Sale campaign.  Please lend your support to her End Sex Trafficking Day project.

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