When to say screw it, throw your plans into the air and see how they land.

28 Mar

Lovers, do you have the gusto to throw your tidy plan in the air to see where it lands?

Or are you holding on so tight to make sure it’s assembled perfectly?  Not even a wonky picture or badly knotted tie will cross your project line.  And if anyone even contemplates putting that filing cabinet in that corner, they will receive a stern talking to.

Things we know:

In 98% of cases, good things take time, effort, gumption and know-how.
Great things take at least double the amount of the aforementioned ingredients.
We form plans for these things to come into fruition.  We call them projects and ventures.
We call them cupcakes, businesses, websites, products, services, communities and schemes.
In the name of projects we rally troupes (and troops) , stock the coffee and check the wiring on the kettle.
We work, toil, brainstorm, sweat, cry, sleep, trust, wake, repeat to erect wild reality from our crazy dreams.
As we give our everything to the process we become more and more aware that our projects, work and cupcakes are a reflection of our mad skills, selves and souls.

And at some point we take said projects, work and cupcakes in all their glory and love to the public.  Going public is asking to be exposed, critiqued, discussed, found, bought and sold to the lady in the red shirt.  Lovers, it literally means we’re saying, ‘look at this baby, you want some of this?’ And giving our best (read: horribly awkward) ‘come hither’ smile, then praying hard and fast that you all do actually want to come hither. 

We’re racked thinking why the heck wouldn’t you? We spent all that time getting ready for the perfect launch.  We saved you from our imperfect dream and we are on hand presenting our best side so that when the paparazzi show face, we will be ready.

Buzzing with energy and… major fears.  Actually.  Don’t tell anyone though. Because what if it isn’t perfect after all?  What if it all falls to shit?  What if the knot in the tie is wonky?  What if you judge this project, this dream that took so long to act on and longer to create?  What if you don’t want some of this? What if it turns out we don’t have a good side and the paparazzi go get tacos instead because they can’t get even one good snap?  What if they take pictures of tacos and run a feature on that instead of us?  What if the masses prefer tacos to us?

What then?  There’s no plan B, cause like… um… everything is invested in this and then now it’s crashing and and and and… What then about the tacos? What about me? HUH?!

Wait up, wait up lovers… who are we talking about again?

More than likely all of us, at some point along the line of thing-creation have ooooh-so-gracefully hyperventilated our way through insane fear monologues.

So have I.

But instead of saying ‘screw this, delete it – I’m going back to hide with the masses.’ I said ‘screw this, I’m throwing the plan nonsense up in the air and seeing how this baby lands.’  And then I created a Facebook group to roll the community I was creating, hit publish on the site and play on Love Shack.  All before I could muster the good sense to realise I had gone public with my wares bearing only swelling love a tragically skeletal frame.

I imagine my fears screamed their little lungs out as they fell from a great height, and I imagine yours would do the same if you played pick-up 52 with ‘em.  You see the thing with fears is that if you let them observe you while you craft intricate details, and plan for every foreseeable event like you’re the next crime psychic… they grow big and strong by sneaking your food and sampling your Italian coffee beans.  Fears use that space to grow so large that by the time you notice they’ve been mooching off your energy the whole time, they’re too blasted heavy to lift and fling aside by yourself.  You’re tired, crabby and forever with the everything-aches.  This bewitching dream project of yours is nigh on torturous nowadays.  It is not ideal lovers, not at all.

So while you have this pristine dream-plan ready to launch into the stratosphere, you also have bastardy fears that can’t be extradited without enlisting a killer task force. The likely result here lovers is that by the time you’ve cleared out, you and the task force are way too beat to give your full energy to the launch.

Now some things of course do require a certain attention to detail, there is no question about that.  Neurosurgery comes to mind, as does ice sculpture.  By and large, a perfectly reasonable alternative is to screw the pristine dream-plan.  Launch your fears into the air with those niggling details and see how they land, then enlist the energy of that task force to grow your project with the masses.

Leave as much space as you can bear, give it to the public and see what they want to take and create with your thing.  Relinquish fear, relinquish perfection and relinquish control.

Then watch ‘em progressively join your dream’s taskforce lovers.  Watch it become something you could never have planned for, but something rather magical all the same.  Watch yourself move in a new direction, carried by the deviated plan, not even remembering why you held space for fear in the first place.

Trust lovers.  Throw your tidy plan in the air to see where it lands, and trust.

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Did the concept fly? Nup. Did it matter that it didn’t fly? Nup.  Was it because it was it was a horrible idea? Nup.  It was because I let fears creep in again and never asked for help.  Would I do it again? Of course!

What do you think?

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