Why adoring Monday translates into fist bumping cells

19 Mar

You know lovers, I’m lolling about the Manor now pondering Monday.  I quite adore all Mondays.  Of course I adore Sundays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and I really do have quite a fondness for Fridays.  Or Disco Fridays, as I prefer to call them.  But Mondays, they’re particularly rad.  Do you know why?

Because being a traditional start of a new week, Mondays signify a new beginning.

Last week was horrendous? Doesn’t matter. Monday is here. Every single one of us can start again.  We have this gorgeous opportunity to give a bit of a pish posh to whatever happenings occurred before and just… choose to start again. Just like that.  Away with bad vibes and in with Jubilation.  Off with seeing the lack, and in with embracing abundance.  Jubilation is the new black.

Lovers, we have:

52 Mondays a year to start again
365 new days to awaken new possibility
24 hours every day to clock over and reset
7 unique days a week to theme as we so do please
168 hours a week to give our full attention to, and rock
43,830 minutes a month to take when we need a breath
Twelve months a year to actively instill excellent life choices
31 556 926 seconds a year to choose to tell someone I Love Your Everything
66 – 78 years on average to feel out our human existence for the beautiful thing it is

And trillions of cells thriving off the energy we create for ourselves.  New beginnings lovers – they’re a wellness thing.  Our entire body, mind and soul balance is subject to the kind of nonsense we engage.  If we’re having a ridiculously good time, allowing ourselves breathing room to grow and generally treating ourselves in an endearing fashion, those trillions of cells bobble and squeal with delight.  They give that love right back to us, with a plethora of high fives and fist bumps to boot.

They make sure we’re healthy and that they’re giving us fair warning when we do need to ease up.  They’re on game, and getting involved with whatever it is we’re engaged in.  They’re tearing it up like pros.

But if we’re continually making shoddy judgement calls, saying no to what gives us pleasure and ignoring the threads of those things we could call our own – those trillions of cells get mighty pissed off.  There is no eloquent way to describe it lovers.  I promise you they don’t exclaim ‘fiddle sticks, this is bothersome’ and carry on keeping us in wellness.  Denying Jubilation for ourselves not only throws us in an eventual frenzy, but shoves those cells into a rather ghastly black cloud of doom.  And they bring upon a certain state of unwellness until we boot our fine asses back on the paths en route to pure joy.

It’s the:

1 rather weird rash
7 weeks of furrowed brows
6 days of not eating properly
19 days of back pain, on and off
3 weeks straight of sleepless nights
2 weeks sporting a killer sore throat
1  day of a headache that just won’t leave
4 people today who asked if you were okay
26 bruises we had this past year but could not explain
14 hours a day we’re needing to be awake, but want to just sleep
3 weeks of inexplicably being frustrated with everyone, and everything

Countless years of quiet sadness or something missing you couldn’t pin point.  Of feeling like you couldn’t speak up or ask for what you need.  Needlessly.  Because lovers we all deserve to be en route to joy.  We deserve to treat those trillions of cells all special like, and get them fist bumping.  We deserve wellness.

Why? Just because.

Mondays hold new beginnings lovers.  Just like every single moment that exists before you.  So why not jump into whatever new beginning that stands before you and do what you need to do to get every single one of your incredible little cells dancing in Jubilation?

Why not make a choice now to commit to just one thing that will signify a new beginning for you.  Write it down, look at it.      Wiggle in the feeling of elation it will bring.  Then take that bit of paper and keep it somewhere safe, burn it to cleanse whatever you let go of or send it off into the ocean on its own journey.  Whatever pleases you lovers – just be sure to honour it.

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Perhaps you might share this note lovers?  Or let me know of your new beginnings? Why not send some love here?

2 Responses to “Why adoring Monday translates into fist bumping cells”

  1. cmccrorey March 19, 2012 at 2:51 PM #

    Yes! Our lives bring us choices every moment. I choose happy!

    • Sir Flamingo March 22, 2012 at 10:50 AM #

      So glad to hear this Lady Charrise! You certainly deserve it a thousandfold xo

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