What a palm reading showed me about the power of thought.

13 Mar

Last week during an impromptu lady date with the very fine Lady Shelle, an elderly woman bearing a cane happened upon us and asked quite boldly if we would like our palms read.  “I’m really quite good” she assured us, and I imagined that very few would throw an aside of ‘I’m rather awful but give me a shot anyhow’.

Now lovers, given that young Lady Shelle had arrived at the Manor with a wicked smile and a change of plans in tote – and not the grocery items we had agreed upon to make Vietnamese paper rolls in-house… I figured that ol’ mate Cosmos had ushered me out for a reason.  So of course I said yes.

Shelle offered her delicate, well-moisturised palm first.  And despite blatantly trying to throw the lovely woman off with shoddy astrology details, we were surprised at how hilariously on point the reading was.  She was able to pick Shelle’s partiality to men with long hair, and her love of a good argument.  She may look like a fair Swedish maiden, but don’t let that deceive you – she is a tenacious debater when the occasion arises.  In fact, aside from some of the facts we couldn’t verify at the time, due their relation to past lives, and her adamancy that Shelle was a vet (she’s not) – the reading was rather spot on.

And then came my reading lovers.  And while the general word is that this is a lifetime of tested faith and psychic ability, my palm also revealed that I:

Hung with Joan of Arc
Am a quite skilled teacher
Don’t like crocodiles or sharks
Spent quite a lot of time in war
Was a top hat adorned politician
Am surrounded by dominating men
Was a historian during the witch trials
Was good at netball (I was reasonable)
Will survive two heart attacks in my 60s
Shall own a business or have a partnership
Spent some time in Arabia, as an English man
Have two female spirit guides, one from the 1600s
Know a dancer (but not a stripper, she kindly clarified)
Shall have a great romance, with a man who has two children
Have a child of my own (a girl) who will be as just as honourable as me
Live until at least 90 something (not surprising, we Flamingo people tend to)
Going to come into contact with a group of young people finding themselves
Be a smashing detective (and yes palm reading lady, I’m still sure that I do not currently work for the police department)

As it happens, I’ve been quite the busy flamingo over the past eon or so. And I am sure I have forgotten, or deliberately omitted some details though.  Yes, even with that list.

“Seriously? You take this all seriously?” giggle the ‘reasonable’ types.  You all know who you are.

However, as I put it to one unconvinced friend of the Manor* this palm reading caper is not unlike most anything we expose ourselves to.  Be it a palm reading, the evening news, a verified historical account, your daily astrology email, a passing comment, a review of your work, a chance happening at a bus stop, everything by Dr Seuss or a hilarious magazine advertisement – we take away what we want or need to.

We take away is the reflection of what is in us at that moment.  Be it positive or negative, no matter what the thing may be, we take what will bolster the beliefs we are subscribing to at that time.  About ourselves and about our worlds.  We look at <insertthingo here>, roll through our accumulated web of thoughts, beliefs and feelings up until that point, and navigate to a space in our mind that fits.  True story.

The wonderful human creatures we are lovers, we sometimes only need one itty bitty slice of any one thing to throw us on a wild tangent. Why?  Well, because the voices in our heads have been yakking away for so long up until that point, feeding off this information here and that visual there, that they’ve built up their case long before we even have the foggiest it has happened.  And don’t think you’re part of the sane flock.  There is no such thing; we all listen to the voices in our heads at some point or another.

All too often we listen in fear, in anger.  We take away derogatory comments, suspicions and loathe for each other.  We listen in frustration and superiority.  We take away lack and pessimism.  Can you feel the black cloud billowing lovers?

Blech. From here I could appraise my otherwise hilarious fun palm reading and take away debilitating fear of having a heart attack tomorrow.  I could take away a deep sadness I wasn’t actually a netball sensation.  I could take away an air of control with my aptitude for teaching.  And it would get me absolutely nowhere, except further fogged in that horribly heavy black cloud.  Of doom.  And not very cool doohickies.

I suspect you know as well as I do – it’s a ghastly place to pad around.

The alternative lovers, is that being aware we are all too prone to listening to the voices in our heads we can tread lightly. We can make a concerted effort to seek the positive in the things we expose ourselves to.  Heck, we could just seek positive things!

Good gracious, this is growing a trifle ranty but the power of your mind is phenomenal.  The picture you can construct with just a thought is… well it’s mind blowing.  Just as you can take small action to create your day, you can consciously choose what you take away from the world you are exposed to.

So instead of taking fear of heart attacks from my palm reading, I can see information like that aligning with a general want to be healthier. I can (and will) recognise the truth in having an aptitude for teaching, harness it and seek ways to use it to elevate other people into rocking their own thing.

You can do the same.  Sift through what is presented to you, taking only what delights and supports your highest purpose.  You can direct your threads of contemplation – and watch as they infuse into other facets of your life.  You can do this with every single thing you are exposed to.  You can even make the choice to expose yourself to only things that gladden you and see how ol’ mate Cosmos backs you by putting more in your path. True story.

Lovers, it is a process we all tread.  It surely takes brawn and practice to curb negative thought, but it is wholly possible. How might you alter the ponderous threads of your thinking today?  How might you expose yourself to new notions?

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Perhaps this echoed for you? Might you share it? Or tell me about it here?

*We shall call him Fishing Buddha, and observe his mirth at having prompted great pondering.

6 Responses to “What a palm reading showed me about the power of thought.”

  1. Amit March 14, 2012 at 10:37 PM #

    This dude called Fishing Buddha…how dare he? What kinda silly name is that anyway? :P

    Okay, just kidding. Yes, I totally agree with the point you make here. My slight reluctance was at the idea of accepting palm-reading as a real deal. But you know what? After reading your post I feel that who cares if it’s the real deal or not? Along as it makes you feel as awesome as a top-hatted Englishman in Arabia, who dances around as he does his detective work, while playing netball. Right?

    • Sir Flamingo March 15, 2012 at 11:23 PM #

      Correct Mister Amit! How exciting this impacted to change your perception a trifle!

  2. JZ March 15, 2012 at 12:47 AM #

    Ever consider that maybe the palm reader was so insistent that you’re a detective because you work at CSI and solve crime on the regular ?
    = )

    • Sir Flamingo March 15, 2012 at 11:24 PM #

      You know Lady JZ, that did cross my mind at one stage. But truth be told, I retired from the crime solving part some time ago in favour of manning the helium balloon station. It’s far more fun there.


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