A Thank-you Note.

5 Feb

Lovers I have one last birthday related note to share with you.  It is a thank-you note for all the wonderful giftings from my 25-connection birthday request.  The last of them are still trickling in but it’s best not to leave these things too late.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of many fine people including artists, musicians, an engineer turned busker, a spiritual guru and a personal culture/style consultant.  I’ve also been pointed in the direction of some quite smashing online spaces as well.  Which although weren’t people connections per say, I applied Flamingo Rules and of course they were included.

I would like to extend a ridiculously sized bundle of thanks to everyone who rallied to fill my birthday with an abundance of wonderful creatures.

Here is a wee special mentions list:

  • Lovely Charrise McCrorey gifted me Shining Possibility maven Erin Giles and the fine Project Liberation collective.
  • Erin got excited and in a flurry of glitter I had a bundle of introductions, including banging rock-star Lady Share Ross.
  • My good friend Helga gifted me a fellow she met in a bar wearing a cravat.  His name is David and he is quite as spectacular as a sculpture chiseled from the finest stone.
  • GeekBlush Girl pointed me in the direction of the delightful Fearful Adventurer.
  • I was forward enough to ask crack-up Jo Foster (who I’d not previously spoken to) for an introduction via Twitter.   She gave me Oodlies wonder Joi Murugavell and quite fantastic Lady Deb.
  • The flock’s own Cassi Pinney promised me a fox who writes rap songs.
  • Another crafty Twitter accosting of EJ Carrol lead to my making the acquaintance of a lovely lady named Jordan from the U.K. who saw the request and gifted herself!
  • Erik the Viking invited me along to a BTUB event, which draws Twitterers out of their caverns to quite hip establishments to mingle monthly.  Here I met a music journalist, web designer and a fellow with a linguistics degree.  Also, there was cheese.
  • Dear Cousin wracked his brain and returned with a link to Clararty, a spiritual painter.  You don’t see them every day, do you lovers?

And of course I gifted myself a few gems along the way, particularly the fabulous Jason whom I mingle with in between solving crime.  I quite enjoyed the expressions on some folks faces when I declared ‘oh goodness, you are just too delicious to let slip.  I am giving myself you for my birthday!’

It’s been a most fantastic birthday month and I’ve rather enjoyed celebrating with you lovers.  My dears, thank-you muchly for joining in with your suggestions and party garb.  It has been quite jubilicious indeed.

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. Perhaps there is something I can do for you now I have packed away the birthday bubbly?  Do drop me a line here and let me know.

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