What I learnt from a NYE Wedding Car Crash.

5 Jan

Oh hello there Lovers, it appears we find ourselves in a brand spanking New Year together.  How delicious!

Back in the day I had a little ponder about bubbled moments.  I wonder how you all celebrated the turn over of the New Year?  I do so hope there were copious amounts of fireworks involved; or at the very least a banging glow stick or two.  I myself took a trip from Flamingo Manor interstate to be bridesmaid at  my sister’s wedding.  Yes lovers, she married her beloved on New Years Eve – it was a festive fusion of elegant wedding fare and sparkly party hats.   In the groom’s words, the affair was ‘smashing’.

And he meant that quite literally.  In the most eventful of weddings, the beautiful couple was involved in a car crash en route to a photography location.  It was a frightful T-Bone smash, which saw us all scrambled on the road side in our finery tending to the newly weds while the emergency services made their way out to the middle of no where.

Despite being carted off in ambulances, everyone was given the all clear and we are all especially grateful for that.  The bride and groom are now safely back on schedule, gallivanting around the globe on their honeymoon.

Now.  Having recovered from the shock of it all, I’ve realised that there are most valuable lessons in the action prior to the cake cutting:

  1. It doesn’t matter what kind of mad-precision-scheduling-skills you roll out.  You cannot stop the blinder T-bone crashes happening.
  2. Drama will unfold.  Very often, it will swiftly unfold as a spectacular shock to your system.   But it will fold back up in due course, and the preceding events will dissolve into an abyss to allow for the new moments.
  3. It’s advisable to let it happen.  As it needs to.

Lovers let me tell you, the bride had this affair planned so meticulously that she had us pondering exactly where she would conceal the stopwatch – in her veil or her bouquet.  If there were any epic-attack-of-bridezilla montages, I didn’t hear a peep.  Instead, her lists of lists and (slightly infamous) detailed colour coded Excel schedule made for smooth preparations in the days surrounding the wedding.

Though strangely enough, of all the possible contingency plans on hand, she didn’t allow for a crash with a bonus detour to the emergency department.  Because some things you just cannot plan for – some things you can only feel your way through as they unfold.  Yes, the day was interrupted.  Yes, the situation was not ideal.  But in letting the events unfold without hysterical resistance allowed us all to beeline to the glow sticks, cake and bubbly only an hour out of schedule.  And it was very tasty cake.

The wedding went on.  The next day went on.  They were sore, but back into a groove.  And as they honeymoon, I return to real life and Flamingo Manor; in under a week we’ve all experienced a wedding, a crash and a New Year.  Plus much, much more.   The bubbled moments continue around us, no matter what your schedule allows for.

So if you find yourself making plans (perhaps for the New Year) and holding them like you’re a stage-eighteen-clinger, ease up a bit and let the moments float as they come.  You never know who you might meet or what you might learn if you let Old Mate Cosmos redirect you as it sees fit.  Redirection is meant to happen lovers.  And yes, sometimes it will crash into you.  Let it.

Also, I’d love to hear if your meticulous plans have ever been majorly redirected, slowed down or completely thwarted by Cosmos.  How did you handle that?  Did you tangle in resistance hysterics or rock a Zen-like-breathe-deep-mindset?

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S.  Do you know a list maker/schedule freak that might need a moment to step-back and chill?  Maybe you’d like to redirect them over here?

P.P.S. Lots of love to the newly weds if they happen to be reading.  And if so, stop checking your email and get back to canoodling!  Goodness!

6 Responses to “What I learnt from a NYE Wedding Car Crash.”

  1. Uplifting Athletes January 5, 2012 at 12:43 PM #

    Wow, what a story… and great advice.

  2. Caramello January 6, 2012 at 12:31 AM #

    Dear Sir F
    Loved this post! I’m pleased you’re back in your cage, and hopefully enjoying the view. Perhaps we could plan to meet and exchange holiday adventure stories on my return after the 10th? ….as the Fates decree.

    • sirflamingo January 6, 2012 at 9:19 PM #

      Oh good gracious yes Caramello, that sounds utterly wonderful. Very intrigued to hear about this round of adventures in Melbourne-town. Feel free to hunt me down upon your return x

  3. Nichole January 7, 2012 at 9:48 PM #

    This reminded me a lot of Proverbs 16:9 – “we make our plans but the Lord determines our steps.” Brilliant once again x


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