I met a guy in an elevator, now I solve crimes. A story of intention.

6 Dec

Just quietly, I am repeatedly amazed the Cosmos’ timing.  From the moment clear intention is set, plans falls into place.

Just as my Grand Escape Plan (said with foreign accent of your choice) from paperclip whispering was hitting its stride, I met a guy with crazy eyes in an elevator that steered me up a floor to a dimly lit office to enquire about a job.  Of course being me, I couldn’t resist such a mysterious direction and ignored all trace of stranger danger and up I went.

Shortly after, another gent wearing blue suede shoes, who was not Elvis, interviewed me on a crisp Tuesday afternoon.  Very impressed with my bright pink resume (the Flamingo theme runs like a red sock through white washing) he offered me a position.  Now I spend my days fighting the good fight, cracking cases and solving crimes.

And no, I am not kidding.  Exaggerating about the actual crime fighting part, yes.  I will admit that the crimes are staged (I’m rocking a lab coat at an unreal CSI Interactive thing) but that is all.  The rest is a true story.  And all because I had thanked old mate Cosmos for a new creative gigs that would allow me time to play, write to my flock and for cash money to feed my longstanding habit of being sheltered/fed. I set the intention to accumulate new money pies to put my sticky fingers into and voilà – I was suddenly standing smack bang in the middle of a bakery of options.

Intention is everything lovers.  Doesn’t matter what it is you want to accomplish; cranking up a new business or not losing your keys for at week, you’ve got to be clear about it.  Like dogs and children, Cosmos sniffs out fear and doubt and things go horribly wrong.  Because your mixed intention warped your course.  It wants none of this ‘I think I can, I think I can’ nonsense!  Because it knows: You can. You will. You’re a flipping rock star and it won’t accept less than bold ass-kickery (just careful with the china okay? I love those tea sets, all of them).

Conviction is a tricky thing to master sometimes.  But it’s possible. Set your intention, stick to it.  And don’t forget the thank you, manners are everything:

“Thank you for my writing 4000 words this week.”
“Thank you for my having a freaking amazing day today.”
“Thank you for my not losing my keys even once this week.”
“Thank you for my giving up <nasty habit> a month from today.”
“Thank you for my not clobbering my computer with a rolling-pin today as I install updates.”
“Thank you for my alternating strength and cardio training every weekday this month, even when I felt like curling up in foetal position and having a nap.”

“Thank you for <insert your intention here lover>.”

All right? You’re on board now?  How about we play an intention game?  Pop down your intention for the week on a bit of paper and keep it somewhere safe.  Then check back in after seven days.

Have you felt you’ve been diddled by the Cosmos, when really you were shaky in your intention?  If you attempted it again now, with clear intention – would you be more successful?  Let me know

Yours in Nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

P.S. If someone you know feels like they’re being diddled, and you know they’re just sitting on the fence of intention – do pass this on.

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