Need direction? Check the map.

13 Oct

I am intrigued: How do you map your lives?

I am intrigued because I’ve just now returned from an evening ripe with discussion about the various ways we attribute significance to the wee pockets of life that we collect as memories over time.  We are Hansel & Gretel, leaving our breadcrumb trails to find our way back to home, sweet home.  Even those fandangle GPS whatsits, need precise maps to before they can guide you anywhere.  Just the same, it is a heck of a lot easier to find your direction when you can read your own maps.  With all your landmarks, scenic routes and uh, maybe a few shortcuts too, aye?

What defines your journey?  Year?  Week?  Heck, even your day?

Is it places you’ve lived?  From postcodes to the various structures overhead.
Is it relationships? Friends, family & lovers you’ve lost and found.
Is it emotions? Times of sadness, joy, frustration, triumph?

Perchance you’re mapping: Distractions:. Tattoos:. Cars:. The state of your body:. Your education:. Each time you laughed so hard your abs ached:. New foods:. Fashion:. Hair styles:. How you have your coffee:. Weather:.  Waking up the same time every day:. Hobbies:. Classes you’ve taken:. Things you ran from:. Or to:. Jobs you’ve had:. Fights you’ve had: Epiphanies you’ve had:. Peak periods of hi-fiving:. Phases of music:. Weekends:. Holidays:. Faith:. Favourite colours:. Mottos:. Birthdays:. Secrets:. Truths:. Debts paid:. First times:.  Additions:. Subtractions:. Knowing smiles shared with strangers:. Insert your own here:.

Now, is this exactly how you want your maps to look like?

Say for instance, you and I are having a cup of tea, and you’re kindly letting me have a geez at your maps… (I’m seeing lots of felt and paddle-pop sticks lovingly glued to coloured cardboard) are you beaming with a big dumb grin of satisfaction?  Or are you sitting quietly next to me thinking ‘ohhhhh crap I didn’t notice that over there, hope she doesn’t look over at that bit’, because maybe there is something you might like to tweak?  Even a just a leeeetle?

Yeah?  Same.  Not to worry, we’ve got options.

Talking and talking about mapping tonight I got to thinking how marvelous it is to be able to choose how we map.  Because it doesn’t matter what happened, it’s done & done.  You can’t hold it, or replay it.  It’s just energy now.  We can’t change it, but we can choose to let go of any lingering frustrations or discomforts we might have.  We can choose instead to feature the remarkable or hilarious pockets of life.  The ones that shaped us and pushed us to new levels.  And we can start a new map whenever and however we so do please.  New maps, new directions.  Fresh, delicious territory to discover.

So tomorrow, maybe we start mapping: The number of people we’ve got to smile, genuinely:. How often we’re overcoming distraction, like a boss:. All those times we pause because something is beautiful or delectable:. Each moment we catch ourselves in the mirror and think, ‘helloooo there, aren’t you dapper today?’:. Or maybe just the number of times we scrap the old map, and craft a new one.  Because these things can take time.

What do you think, hmm?  How do you want to craft your maps?

Yours in nonsense,
Sir Flamingo xo

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